Weekly Recap #146: Week of 3/8 – 3/14


It’s time for another weekly recap post of all things happening on and off the blog. This week I’ll be linking to the Sunday Post, which is hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

I don’t really have much to report this week.  Everything is kind of a blur because of the coronavirus and all of the news surrounding it.  We do have one confirmed case in my county but so far it doesn’t seem to have spread beyond that one.  Our state’s governor has declared a state of emergency and closed schools for at least the next two weeks and all of my son’s soccer activities have been cancelled accordingly.   The biggest surprise for me though has been how hard it is to buy groceries.  I’m not talking hand sanitizer, toilet paper, etc.  I’m talking soup, cereal, oatmeal, pizzas, etc.  It now takes trips to three or four different stores just to buy basic food items.  My husband and I went shopping yesterday and where shelves weren’t bare, they had signs posted limiting how many of certain items you were allowed to purchase.  We got what we could and now we’re all hunkering down aside from going to work.  As of right now, neither my company nor my husband’s has come up with a plan for teleworking. I’m very curious to see if that changes.  We aren’t worried for ourselves, but we do worry about our elderly and more vulnerable family members, friends, and neighbors.

As an intovert, I’m totally cool with hunkering down, but my extroverted son is not at all excited by any of this, lol.

I am continuing to get plenty of reading done and will be sharing reviews for several of my March ARCs this week.  I’m also starting on my April ARCs so I’m feeling good about my progress there and with my backlist reading.  I finished Leigh Bardugo’s Ninth House this week and just started Justin A. Reynolds’ Opposite of Always this morning.  I only read 35 backlist books all last years, so the fact that I’m already reading my 18th and it’s only mid March makes me feel pretty good about my goal of reading more of the books I already own.  That’s not to say I haven’t purchased more books though.  All of Marie Lu’s books being on sale for $1.99 each was too irresistible to pass up on since I haven’t read her Legend or Young Elites series.

Oh well, I think that’s pretty much it for me.  Have a great week and stay safe, everyone!















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  1. Angela
    Angela says:

    We went to the grocery store yesterday and it was packed with people! Meat, pasta, rice – all sold out. It’ll be interesting to see how long this lasts.

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      I’m wondering that as well. My husband seems to think they won’t send the kids here back to school and will just end the school year now. We’ll see, I guess.

  2. Vi @Inkvotary
    Vi @Inkvotary says:

    Same picture here in Germany. People buying things like there is no tomorrow. With the schools closed from next Tuesday on, most of them will have to attend digital classes with their exams coming up in a few weeks. So they won´t get bored. But learning like this is different from being in one classroom with a teacher. I am sorry that you and your son can´t go and see some broadway productions as you´ve planned a little while ago. Hopefully he can be entertained in a different way *smile*

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      Online classes definitely seem like a safe option at this point. I’m hoping we go that route here too. We actually haven’t cancelled our trip yet since it’s not until June. We’ll decide on that once it gets closer and we see how things are going here with the virus.

  3. Sam@wlabb
    Sam@wlabb says:

    Truth. I hate being out in public, and am perfectly ok avoiding contact with people. I haven’t left my house since Friday as a matter of fact. We have several confirmed cases of the virus where I live, and a bunch where I work. I wish I could hunker down, but my job cannot be done remotely. My company has a lot of people working from home though, and I guess less people on a campus our size is a good thing. They have ample disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer around the office, and two women wipe all the flat surfaces every hour. I am in a risk group though, because of the scarring on my lungs and the asthma. Hoping for the best. I loved Opposite of Always. I thought it was wonderful, and I hope you enjoy it too

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      That’s a shame your job can’t be done remotely, but I agree that less people around your workplace is a good thing right now. I hope you stay safe! I’m loving Opposite of Always. I just started it this morning and am already over halfway through.

  4. Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy
    Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy says:

    Your situation sounds a lot like mine. I’m totally fine staying home (although I’m still going to work too) but my daughter is not happy about it, since she lives for her friends. Both kids colleges shut down for the rest of the school year so it’s a huge change for them, and I feel so bad. Yesterday i went early to one store and the lines were ridiculous, but later in the afternoon i decided to try another store and it was just like a regular day. Except no bread or milk or frozen pizzas! Go figure😁 Stay safe, Suzanne!

  5. Sophie
    Sophie says:

    We are in the same situation here but with employers offering to do homeworking! Stay safe Suzanne and enjoy Ruthless Gods (I am jealous!). Now what did you think of Ninth House?

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      Ninth House wasn’t my favorite Bardugo read but I still enjoyed it overall. It just took me a while to really get into the story.

  6. ShootingStarsMag
    ShootingStarsMag says:

    It’s pretty crazy around here too. I work at a college so students are being told to work from home – but the college is still open for access to computers and all the faculty/staff is going in so there will still be people around, which I guess is a good and bad thing. lol It definitely feels like the virus is getting closer to my area, so I’m a bit nervous about certain people in my family!

    That’s great you’re getting lots of reading done though – one positive there. 🙂


  7. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books says:

    The run of groceries is just… bizarre. Do people think there will be no more food? That more trucks don’t arrive daily? It’s the same here. Empty shelves – and like you said, not just the cleaning/sanitizing products but actual food. *sigh* I don’t mind staying at home more, either. Perfectly happy being a little hermit.

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      It really is bizarre the things that are scarce right now. And oh yes, I’m perfectly content to be a hermit for a while. I could actually put a sizable dent in my TBR that way, lol.

  8. Greg
    Greg says:

    I agree about the stores. I was out yesterday and it was kinda chilling just how much was GONE. And it’s probably just starting, which is the scary part. I’m an introvert too though, so the hunkering down doesn’t bother me too much, but I know not everyone is a fan!

    At least we have reading haha. Don’t take our books! You Are Not Alone is one I’ve been kinda thinking of getting…

    Stay safe!

  9. sjhigbee
    sjhigbee says:

    I hope you manage to sort something out workwise. I’ve never felt more grateful for my love of books than right now… At least those of us who read can escape between the cover of an enjoyable adventure:)). Have a peaceful, healthy week.

  10. Anne - Books of My Heart
    Anne - Books of My Heart says:

    I’m also happy to stay home. It’s not forever but it’s best for now. Luckily, the food we normally buy isn’t popular and I have the stuff which is. I Liked Undercover Bromance even better than the first one. I am getting The Honey Don’t List on audio for review. I hope you work things out if you are both working where will your son go? I always had trouble since we had no relatives locally.

    I hope you stay safe and healthy and enjoy your new reads!

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      My son is almost 13 so he’ll be okay at home for the most part and thankfully both of my neighbors are stay-at-home moms so they’ll check in on him throughout the day for me.

  11. Aj @ Read All The Things!
    Aj @ Read All The Things! says:

    I’m thrilled to stay inside and read, but the grocery thing is super annoying. Finding dog food last week was tough. Hopefully people stop hoarding soon so the stores can restock. Have a great week!

  12. Flora
    Flora says:

    I’m lucky that both of my girls are teenagers, so staying in isn’t an issue – of course, if the internet were to collapse then I’d have panic in the house!Lol!
    The shops here in England are still open but stock of certain unexpected things are nowhere to be found in our town. Luckily Hubby is a natural bargain hunter and hoarder, so our stocks are OK.
    We’re still waiting to see if the UK government will close schools.
    Stay safe and healthy, Suzanne.

  13. Ali @ Our Book Boyfriends
    Ali @ Our Book Boyfriends says:

    I’m so with you on not having a problem staying home. It’s always my happy place. Glad to hear y’all only have one case, though that was a couple days ago, so I’m sure the numbers have gone up since then. I know it’s been astounding how quickly it’s spreading here in Louisiana. Supplies of all kinds are getting harder and harder to find here, but our busiest streets now look like ghost towns, so I don’t know who’s hoarding everything?

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      So far we actually still just have one case in my county. The numbers are climbing statewide though. I think we’ll have at least 100 by tomorrow at the rate they’re multiplying.

  14. Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books
    Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books says:

    Yep, the food situation sounds a lot like it is here… First there was the run on toilet paper, soap, antibac cleaning products and sanitisers then it went to any all all food items. It’s like scenes from an apocalypse movie at the moment. Absolutely insane. 🙁

    I’m going to be WFH for a while… WFH isn’t a problem for a day or two but I’ve no idea how it’ll work going on for weeks and weeks. (UK schools closed “indefinitely” today. There’s speculation they won’t go back until the new school year!)

    Hope you’re all doing ok and manage to stay sane in the coming weeks! I’ll probably lose my marbles.

  15. Olivia-Savannah Roach
    Olivia-Savannah Roach says:

    I hope you are staying safe over there, that you’re able to work from home and that there is enough to keep your extroverted son is able to keep busy and entertained at home. This must be a tricky time for children at home right now! I also saw you hauled in the Legend trilogy and I raced through that series!

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      I’m glad to hear that about the Legend series. I couldn’t resist that $1.99 sale Amazon was having on Lu’s books so I snagged all of the ones I hadn’t read yet.

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