Weekly Recap #111: Week of 6/30 – 7/6


It’s time for another weekly recap post of all things happening on and off the blog. This week I’ll be linking to the Sunday Post, which is hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer and to Stacking the Shelves, which is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.

I hope everyone who was celebrating July 4th had a wonderful holiday.  Ours was pretty lowkey but enjoyable.  My mom and sister visited and we went to see Spiderman: Far from Home, which was fabulous, and then had lunch at a new Italian deli and bakery that recently opened a 3-minute drive from my house (also fabulous, although it could be dangerous having such easy access to delicious Italian pastries!).  I had to work on July 5th so we didn’t do much with fireworks, etc. but I did settle in and get a ton of reading done and we started a new home improvement project, painting my office/library.  I’m changing it from an apple green to a pale lilac and I’m pretty excited for the finished result.  So far we’ve only done the ceiling and touched up the white trim, but the wall color will happen today!

I did have one fail once we decided to paint, however.  I got so excited about it and so eager to clean out the room and get started, that I packed up all of my electronics except my phone and kindle.  My computer has been stored offsite for the past few days.  Not a big deal except that I had this grand plan of spending part of the weekend blog hopping and that didn’t happen.  I did finally find my laptop charger though so I’m using that to write this post and will blog hop between coats today, lol.

As I mentioned, I got a lot of reading done this weekend.  I finished The Best Lies by Sarah Lyu, which I really enjoyed, and Wilder Girls, which I enjoyed overall but have some mixed feelings about.  Stay tuned for my reviews for those later this week.  I also finished the first book in the IronThrone Readalong and hope to start the second one tonight.  I also finished The Bookish Life of Nina Hill, which I absolutely adored.  I’ll be reviewing that and will also be hosting a giveaway for a finished copy so be sure to stop by tomorrow for that post and to enter the giveaway.

I think that’s about it for me.  Time to get back to painting!

Have a great week, everyone!














  Surprisingly enough, none!



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    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      I’ll try to post some pics next weekend. I’m finding it hard to get a true picture of the lilac walls but they’re so soothing and pretty.

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      Thanks, the painting project turned out really nice. If I can take a picture that will actually show off the soothing color, I’ll share them on my next weekly update. 🙂

  1. Literary Feline
    Literary Feline says:

    I was hoping we’d get to see Spiderman this weekend, but it likely won’t happen. We have other errands to run and my husband and daughter are feeling rather home bound. I get that. I am glad you liked it! Your weekend of reading sounds so nice. I love the color choice for your office/library! I hope the project goes well. I am excited about reading The Bookish Life of Nina Hill, and am so glad you enjoyed it. I hope you are enjoying all your current reads! Have a wonderful week, Suzanne!

  2. Jessica at Booked J
    Jessica at Booked J says:

    Ooh, I can’t wait to see your review/hear your thoughts on all four of the titles you’ve listed under upcoming reviews. BUT, especially Wilder Girls. I’m really excited about that one!! Enjoy your upcoming week and reads! And honestly? The last part of your post is 100% relatable. Sometimes, I feel like I started reading something in 2009 and finished today. Like, that’s EXACTLY what reading is isn’t it?! Haha!
    Jessica at Booked J recently posted…Sunday Post #3: A Little of This, A Little of That

  3. Greg
    Greg says:

    Ooh good luck with the Iron Throne read a long! It is fun to re- read those. 🙂

    That Italian deli/ bakery sounds pretty awesome- I need one of those close to my house!
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #305

  4. Angela
    Angela says:

    Spiderman was so good! We ended up seeing it on Friday afternoon after we got out of work. Yay for redecorating and painting!

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      I really loved Spiderman. I now need to go back and watching Spiderman: Homecoming. Somehow I missed that one along the way.

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      I’m glad to hear Ask Again, Yes was a good read for you. I’m really looking forward to trying that one after seeing so many great reviews for it.

  5. ShootingStarsMag
    ShootingStarsMag says:

    I’m glad you had a nice 4th. I went to a local water park so that was really relaxing and it wasn’t TOO hot, which is great too. lol I still need to see the new Spider-Man, but hopefully soon.

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      I’m so with you on the fireworks. I think they have been shooting them off here every night since June 28th. I’m over it, lol.

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