Weekly Recap #142: Week of 2/9 – 2/15


It’s time for another weekly recap post of all things happening on and off the blog. This week I’ll be linking to the Sunday Post, which is hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer and to Stacking the Shelves, which is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.

So I kind of fell off the face of the blogosphere by midweek last week.  Some of that was due to being busy, and taking care of my dog post-surgery (he’s doing great, thankfully), but some of it was just because I was in a terrible mood because of the way last week’s work drama panned out.  The woman I was talking about got the new position so after eight months of wasting my time training her, my team is yet again short-staffed right as we’re moving into busy season.  I think what had me in such a mood is that she wasn’t even the least bit remorseful about the situation.  She hasn’t even acknowledged that she completely screwed us.  I’m sure I’ll get over it eventually and we’ll be better in the long run because she honestly wasn’t a very good team member in the first place, but the timing just couldn’t be worse.  We’ve had several emergency meetings to discuss how to move forward, which just further ate into my time, so by the time I got home each day, I just buried my nose in a book to escape reality for a while.

Even though work life sucked, I will say that I had a great reading week.  I had two 5 star reads with The Sun Down Motel and The Dark Corners of the Night.  I’ll have reviews posted for those this week, but let me tell you, they were exactly what I needed to get out of my own head for a while.  After I read those, I fell down a Netflix rabbit hole watching To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (for the third time, lol) followed by the sequel To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: P.S. I Still Love You. I still need to read the actual book series these movies are based on, but I really enjoyed both of these.

Sadly, I’m not one of the lucky ones who has a three-day weekend so it’s back to the grind for me tomorrow.  Today I’ll be blog hopping, writing some reviews, and doing my soccer mom thing.

Oh well, I think that’s pretty much it for me.  Have a great week, everyone!















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  1. Sam@wlabb
    Sam@wlabb says:

    I am surprised your manager couldn’t get some kind on conditional in there for when the woman from your team could be released. When I got my new position, my old manager wouldn’t release me until after we were through year-end. Well, boo on her, but I hope all goes well, and it sounds like a blessing in disguise for your team. YEAH! for 5-star reads. I love hearing people talk about books that knocked their socks off. I started PS ISLY last night. I don’t really watch much TV, but that’s one of my favorite book series, so I had to take a look.

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      I’m hoping they’ll make her at least help us out until we can hire a temp, but as of right now, she’s supposed to start her new position tomorrow morning.

  2. sjhigbee
    sjhigbee says:

    It depresses and appalls me just how overloaded everyone seems to be these days – and when aggravated by someone using your team as a stepping-stone, it is simply grim. Thank goodness you have books and enjoyable programmes to watch to dive into as an escape at home! It’s a main reason why I enjoy SFF so much… I hope the coming week at work is a bit easier, Suzanne.

  3. Greg
    Greg says:

    That’s really a bummer about the work thing, I don’t blame you for being frustrated. She could at least be a little remorseful, one would think, or at least acknowledge what she did in some way. I’m glad to hear though that you liked The Sun Down Motel. I feel like I’m seeing that book everywhere and now I want to get it! The good buzz I’ve been seeing certainly doesn’t hurt.

    Follow Me and Mexican Gothic sound pretty terrific too.

  4. ERK
    ERK says:

    I hope your work problems get sorted soon! It always helps to have a good book to turn to and I am glad you read two 5 stars. Have a great week! ❤️

  5. Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books
    Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books says:

    I’m sorry work sucked so much this week! Does she not have to work a period of notice before moving on? I’m sorry that the timing makes it so hard on you and the rest of the team but I hope you’re all better off in the long run.

    Curses and Kisses sounds like a good one so I hope you enjoy it! Fingers crossed this week is a better week.

  6. Anne - Books of My Heart
    Anne - Books of My Heart says:

    I’m so sorry about the work drama. I also enjoyed The Sun Down Motel but on audio. I don’t have a 3day weekend either but our schedule is relaxed compared to most anyway.

    I hope this week is much improved and you read some more amazing books.

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      I’m glad to hear you enjoyed The Sun Down Motel. I had never read anything by Simone St. James before and I’m just so impressed with her writing.

  7. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    Sorry about the sucky week at work Suzanne, sounds as though your team is better off without her anyway considering she sounds like she’s willing to step over others to further her own career. I’m glad you were able to chill out with a few great reads to end the day, there’s nothing like a great book to help unwind. I haven’t read the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series yet either despite it sitting on my shelves for years. I loved the first film, so cute! I might try to watch the second film tonight, it’s a movie kind of night here after a long day. I hope this week picks up Suzanne and is stress free darling.

  8. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books says:

    Ugh, sorry to hear how things played out at the office, Suzanne. Worst possible outcome. And the fact that the woman had no remorse… even worse. She should have had the decency to own it and acknowledge the position she’d put you in. Then again, she never should have done it to start with. Thank goodness for the escape of books!

  9. Flora
    Flora says:

    I’m sorry to hear that last week was pants! I’m glad that you managed to escape for a while in some great books {hugs} and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things get much better.

  10. Sophie
    Sophie says:

    Damn Suzanne! That sucks big time!!! I completely empathize! Let’s hope you’ll find a better replacement soon enough! Now I can’t wait for The Sund Down Motel’s review (I think you posted it today so I’ll rush there).

  11. ShootingStarsMag
    ShootingStarsMag says:

    I’m sorry about the work situation. That really does suck for you and your team. I’m sure it will be great in the long run – not having that woman around – but I know it makes a lot more work for you now. Yay for a really nice reading week though, and I hope your weekend was nice!!


  12. Lindy@ A Bookish Escape
    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape says:

    I’m glad your dog is doing great. Sorry about your frustrating work week. Hopefully things improve as soon as possible. Books are my escape too! It’s awesome that you had two five star reads! Happy Reading and best of luck with work 🙂

  13. Olivia Roach
    Olivia Roach says:

    Agh I am so sorry about the situation at work and that is so wasteful of time and terrible for her to do! Being short staffed is never easy as well 🙁 I am glad that to compensate you’ve had a good reading streak and 2 new five stars. And glad to hear doggo is doing well too 🙂

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