Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Authors I Would Love to Meet


Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.  Top Ten Tuesday has been one of my favorite memes ever since I started blogging, so huge thanks to Jana for taking over the hosting duties!

This week’s TTT topic is Bookish People I’d Like To Meet (These can be authors, book characters, book bloggers/influencers, cover designers, cover models, etc.).  I decided to keep it simple this week and just share ten authors I would love to meet.  This is a topic I often think about since I’ve never actually been to an event where I could possibly meet one of my favorite authors.  I could also easily make a list ten times this long because there are so many I’d love to thank for sharing their storytelling gifts with us.

10 Authors I Would Love to Meet


1. KATHERINE CENTER  – Katherine Center brings me such joy with her books, but I also love her social media presence. She comes across as kind, humble, and very insightful when it comes to the writing process.

2. ALICE HOFFMAN – Alice Hoffman is one of my all-time favorite authors. Her writing and storytelling abilities are pure magic, and I would love to talk to her about what inspired her to take Practical Magic from one to four books.

3. V.E. SCHWAB  – I would just like thank V.E. Schwab for getting me back into reading fantasy with her Shades of Magic trilogy and then making me fall even more in love with the genre with books like Addie LaRue and Gallant.

4.  ABBI WAXMAN – I’ve always enjoyed Abbi Waxman’s novels, but recently she has become more active on her instagram account and she is truly hilarious.  I just think meeting her would be so much fun.

5. CHRISTINA LAUREN – This duo has brought me so much joy with their rom-coms over the past few years. I’d love to talk to them about their process for co-writing their books.  Plus, they both just seem super sweet on social media.

6. COLLEEN HOOVER – I of course have loved everything I’ve read from Colleen Hoover, but she also just seems like she would be fun to meet, at least based on some of her Instagram randomness anyway, haha.

7.  T.J. KLUNE – Anyone who can write such magical, feel good books as The House in the Cerulean Sea and Under the Whispering Door is someone I want to meet.

8.  TAYLOR JENKINS REID – As the person who has created three of my favorite female characters, I would love to meet TJR to thank her and to hear what she’s working on next. And of course to congratulate her on the premiere of the Daisy Jones series which is off to an amazing start this week.

9. ABBY JIMENEZ – I love Abby Jimenez’s books but I also love her sense of humor. Her instagram account, especially when it comes to pet-related shenanigans, is one of my favorites.  I think it would be fun to meet her, especially if her dogs, Tess and Stuntman Mike, are there.

10. FIONA DAVIS – Fiona Davis is one of my favorite historical fiction authors and since all of her novels focus on NYC iconic buildings, I’d love to meet her, in New York of course, to thank her for bringing so much history to life in my favorite city and to hear about what other buildings she is considered centering books around.


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Question:  Who are some authors you would love to meet?

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  1. Amanda Kay Oaks-Christman
    Amanda Kay Oaks-Christman says:

    Such a fun question and a great list. I’d love to meet Cheryl Strayed, Emily Henry, and Kerry Winfrey. And I did get the chance to meet Helen Macdonald, who was also on my list. She was lovely in person and even took a photo with my friend and I!

  2. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books says:

    I finally got to meet Colleen Hoover a couple years ago (I’d be waiting for an opportunity for ages) and it was such a good time. She has such a crazy sense of humor. I’d love to meet Taylor Jenkins Reid – and hear her talk about all her fascinating characters.

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      That’s so cool that you got to meet Colleen Hoover. Her humor really cracks me up. She’s one of my favorite authors to follow on instagram because it’s almost always a guaranteed laugh.

  3. Angela @ Literary Wanderer
    Angela @ Literary Wanderer says:

    This is a great list!! I’ve actually been able to meet a couple of my favorite authors. I went to a TJR event but unfortunately they weren’t doing personal meet and greets; it was fun to hear her speak though! I’ve been able to meet Fiona Davis a couple times and she is amazing!

  4. Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy
    Tammy @ Books, Bones & Buffy says:

    I’ve met Victoria Schwab and she is lovely! I used to go to book events all the time, so I’m lucky to have met some big name authors, but before they were really big, like Neil Gaiman. I hope you can meet some of these authors someday😁

  5. Deanna @ A Novel Glimpse
    Deanna @ A Novel Glimpse says:

    I wouldn’t mind meeting several of these authors myself! I did have the pleasure of meeting Hoover. She is very nice. I didn’t really get to spend any time talking to her, but that’s how singings go.

  6. Greg
    Greg says:

    Taylor Jenkins- Reid would be cool to kmeet, and this reminds me I should try Daisy Jones. I forgot the adaptation was out!

  7. Lindsey @ Lindsey Reads
    Lindsey @ Lindsey Reads says:

    Christina Lauren and TJ Klune made my list as well – I’d love to meet them too. And of course, V.E. Schwab too! Hope you’ll get a chance to meet all of these authors some day.

  8. Jo
    Jo says:

    I’ve been lucky enough to meet VE Schwab a few times over the years, and she’s really lovely! The first time I met her was at YALC (a book con in London) and she wasn’t actually a guest that year I don’t think, she was just hanging around the con. I’d brought my copies of the first two Shades of Magic books with me on the off chance that we saw her (as she’d mentioned on Twitter I think that she’d be there) and asked if she’d mind signing them for me which she very nicely did! I actually ended up convincing my friend to get A Darker Shade of Magic (which she also got signed) and she’s now just as obsessed with VE Schwab’s books as I am ha ha.

  9. Sam@WLABB
    Sam@WLABB says:

    I used to go to so many book event, but I have not met any of these authors. I do count four among my favorites tough. Hope you get to meet them one of these days

  10. Carla
    Carla says:

    What an awesome list Suzanne. I regularly read 7 of these authors and they are all great. I don’t follow people on social media, but I love your responses about their social media presence.

  11. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    I would love to meet V.E. Schwab as well. would love to meet Stephen King, Zoje Stage, Marissa Meyer, Alice Feeney, Lisa Jewell, Riley Sager, Michael Robotham To name a few. LOL 😀

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      I would love to meet Stephen King too. I’ve only read a couple of his books but based on his social media, he seems like he would be very interesting to chat with.

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