Thriller Thursday Review: #CrimeTime


Hey everyone, Sharon here with a bonus edition of Thriller Thursday. This week I am reviewing an audio original called, #CrimeTime, written by Jeneva Rose and Drew Payne.  This book is different from the mystery/thrillers I normally read and review. #CrimeTime is a comedic mystery and I have never laughed so much with reading a mystery/thriller. Thank you so much to Simon & Schuster Audio for my complimentary copy of this book.


Thriller Thursday Review: #CrimeTime#CrimeTime Goodreads

Author: Jeneva Rose and Drew Pyne

Publication Date: December 12, 2023

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio

#CrimeTime is an audio original, written by Jeneva Rose and her husband, Drew Payne. The story is taken from a true-life event that happened in their apartment building, which they explain at the end of the book. And I have to say I loved the banter they had while explaining these events as much as I enjoyed the book itself.

Nadiya is a crime novelist, who writes under a pen name and enjoys her privacy. She has worked hard to keep her life private, but when she finds out she has a half-brother, Chase, through a DNA site, her private existence is about to go very public. Chase is an aspiring TikTok star and has come to Chicago to get to know his sister. He has been crashing at Nadiya’s place until he can get on his feet. When the apartment upstairs is burglarized, Chase decides to film it and post the videos on his TikTok channel. Overnight Chase’s videos have gone viral and at the same time they have put Nadiya and Chase’s lives in danger. With dirty cops and organized crime now after them, Nadiya has to turn to the one person she has not spoken to in almost twenty years, Nadiya and Chase’s father, Viktor. What follows is a comedic mystery that I didn’t want to end.

OMG Guys! This book was so fun to listen to. I loved the back-and-forth banter between Nadiya and Chase. I laughed out loud so many times. As annoying as Chase was with his videoing everything for TikTok, he was also just so funny. Chase was immature and said and did whatever came to his mind, while Nadiya was mature and levelheaded. I loved how their different personalities interacted and balanced each other out, as well as adding so much humor to this story.

I think the cast did an amazing job and brought each character to life. The main narrators were Jennifer Damiano, who voiced Nadiya and Abelardo Campuzano, who voiced Chase.  I also loved Phil Thron, who voiced Viktor, he had me laughing many times as well. There were so many other voices for the secondary cast that were awesome as well.  And I loved all of the sound effects. From the fart sounds (yes farts, Lol!) of Nadiya’s dog, Winston, to doors opening and closing, footsteps, gun shots and to police sirens (FYI, be careful if you are listening in your car as I did. I thought for sure those sirens were real. LOL!). These sound effects made the story feel like I was watching it and just really rounded the whole story out and added to my enjoyment.

I really cannot say much about what happens in the story as that would spoil things. But this was a cute mystery that had a few twists and turns. Some I saw coming, some I did not. I will say though, I was getting a little nervous at the end of the book.

I would so not be opposed if #CrimeTime became an audio book series. I would love to have more stories and continue to follow, Nadiya, Chase, and Viktor.   4 stars

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Simon & Schuster Audio in exchange for my honest review.

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      Yes! I loved that. Normally the few audio books I have listened to was just the voices, So I was super surprised with all the sound effects.

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