Can’t Wait Wednesday – THOSE WHO PREY by Jennifer Moffett


“Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, which encourages fellow bloggers to spotlight upcoming releases that we’re excited about.  It is a meme that I have  loved participating in for over a year now, but as Jill is no longer actively posting, from now on I’ll be linking to Can’t Wait Wednesday, hosted by Tressa at Wishful Endings, which is a spinoff of the original WoW meme.


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My selection for this week is THOSE WHO PREY by Jennifer Moffett.  I’m always on the lookout for a good thriller and the topic of cults and how they prey on lonely people has always fascinated me so this book grabbed my attention right away.  I also loved both Sadie and The Girls so it’s pretty much a must-read for me.


THOSE WHO PREY by Jennifer Moffett

Publication Date:  November 10, 2020 by Atheneum, Simon & Schuster


From Goodreads:

Sadie meets The Girls in this riveting debut psychological thriller about a lonely college freshman seduced into joining a cult—and her desperate attempt to escape before it’s too late.

College life isn’t what Emily expected.

She expected to spend freshman year strolling through the ivy-covered campus with new friends, finally feeling like she belonged. Instead, she walks the campus alone, still not having found her place or her people so far away from home.

But then the Kingdom finds her.

The Kingdom, an exclusive on-campus group, offers everything Emily expected of college and more: acceptance, friends, a potential boyfriend, and a chance to spend the summer in Italy on a mission trip. But the trip is not what she thought it would be. Emily and the others are stripped of their passports and money. They’re cut off from their families back home. The Kingdom’s practices become increasingly manipulative and dangerous.

And someone ends up dead.

At times unsettling and always riveting, Those Who Prey looks at the allure of cult life, while questioning just how far we’re willing to go to find where we belong.


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I’d love to hear what upcoming book releases you’re waiting on this Wednesday? Leave me your link in the comments below and I’ll stop by and check out your CWW selection for this week. 🙂

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  1. verushka
    verushka says:

    I agree with Sam — that cover is very creepy! I like the premise though, and I want to see how the author waeves such a relatable theme into a cult.

  2. sjhigbee
    sjhigbee says:

    This sounds like a really creepy, dark read. I’ve always regarded these cults with horror – their manipulative ways of trapping their victims are utterly repulsive. I hope you enjoy this one:)).

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