Top 10 Authors I’d Automatically Buy Anything They Wrote


On Tuesdays I usually participate in the popular Top Ten Tuesday meme, which is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  However, they are officially on hiatus until August, so while waiting for their return, I decided to take the opportunity to go back through their archives to see if any of the topics they had covered prior to my joining were of interest.  I saw this topic and thought it would be fun.  I’d discovered so many new authors since I started blogging that my auto-buy list has grown almost as fast as my TBR.  The list below contains a few authors from my pre-blogging days, but most are authors that I’ve fallen in love with because of you guys. 😉


Top 10 Authors I’d Automatically Buy Anything They Wrote



I had never heard of V.E. Schwab prior to my blogging days, but the moment I opened A Darker Shade of Magic and experienced those glorious four Londons and Kell and his many-sided coat, I was hooked.  I’ve since completed the Shades of Magic series and have plans to read Monsters of Verity and to go back and pick up Vicious as well.


* * * * *



Emma also joined my auto-buy list after I started blogging because her book Room was one of the first books I ever reviewed.  That book mesmerized me, as did Wonder, which I read soon after that.  Emma’s writing is gorgeous and her books are those that always make me think and questions what I would do if in the same situations her characters are in.  I’ve been buying up a few of her older titles but really can’t wait to see what she comes out with next.


* * * * *


Toni Morrison has been on my auto-buy list for most of my adult life.  I took a graduate course where we studied all of her novels in great depth and I just couldn’t get enough of them.  Morrison is a master storyteller and creator of flawed yet sympathetic characters, and here we are 20 years after I took that course and I still eagerly await every new book that she releases.

* * * * *


I know some think that there’s way too much hype surrounding Dan Brown’s books, but I don’t care. I love books that deal with solving puzzles, secret societies, history, and especially those which can combine all of that into an action-packed, suspenseful tale.  Over-hyped or not, Dan Brown always delivers so he has earned a spot on my auto-buy list.

* * * * *


With her impressive and imaginative series, The Lunar Chronicles, Marissa Meyer quickly earned a spot on my auto-buy list. Heck, I haven’t even finished this whole series yet and I’ve already purchased Heartless and can’t wait to get my hands on her latest book Renegades as well.


* * * * *


Yaa Gyasi’s debut novel was so gorgeous and so poignant that I am anxiously awaiting news of her next book and hope that I won’t have to wait too much longer.


* * * * *


Leigh Bardugo is another author who I learned of and fell in love with because of my fellow bloggers.  So far I’ve only read Six of Crows, but the characters, the setting, the writing – all of it – just blew me away and now I’ve got Crooked Kingdom on deck, have purchased the first book in the Grisha series, and also cannot wait to read Wonder Woman:Warbringer.

* * * * *


Alice Hoffman has been on my list since my pre-blogging days, but I’d definitely still buy anything she wrote today because of her lyrical prose and memorable characters.  Practical Magic and Faithful are two of my favorites, but I’m also very much looking forward to The Rules of Magic which is coming out this fall.


* * * * *


Becky Albertalli is another author that I had never heard of prior to joining the book blogging community, but I quickly fell in love with her books and especially with her diverse characters when I began reading Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda.  My love has continued with The Upside of Unrequited, so I’m eagerly awaiting Becky’s next book.

* * * * *


John Green has been an auto-buy for me ever since The Fault in Our Stars left me sobbing like a hungry infant.  Some of his books are much better than others, but I still can’t help myself. If a new John Green book is coming out, I’m guaranteed to buy it.  I’m anxiously awaiting Turtles All the Way Down as I type this post.

* * * * *

Question: Who are some of your auto-buy authors?  Do we share any favorites?

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  1. sydneyeditor1
    sydneyeditor1 says:

    OOH Dan Brown Dan Brown! ME TOO! I’m actually so curious/excited about his new one this year so I’m loving that he’s on your list! His books totally hit the spot for me — between the locations and the puzzles!!

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      Yay, another Dan Brown fan! I’m so excited he has another book coming out this year too. Feels like it has been way too long since we had one.

  2. Angela
    Angela says:

    I love Dan Brown, too! I don’t even care that people mock his books, I can’t get enough of them! I’m debating pre-ordering Origin, because I know my sister will want to read it as well.

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      Right? Dan Brown’s books are so entertaining and I just love Robert Langdon. I don’t do pre-orders often but Origin is probably I will for the same reason. My mom, sister, and actually my hubby too, will all want to read it.

  3. Jasmine
    Jasmine says:

    Definitely Schwab and Marissa Meyer for me. Love your choices! I do like Dan Brown too. I want to re-read the Da Vinci Code again..

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      Right? I think Warbringer is going to be amazing. It’s one of the few books that I’ve pre-ordered so far this year.

  4. Angie @ Ba_BAMB
    Angie @ Ba_BAMB says:

    I love being able to go back and do TTT I missed out on, too!

    I’m glad to see Leigh Bardugo on your list, because I’ll be starting the Grisha Trilogy soon. I also have Simon and the Homo Sapiens Agenda audio on hold at my library. so glad to see that one on there, too.

    Great list!

  5. Jordan Rose
    Jordan Rose says:

    I would definitely auto-buy for V.E. Schwab and Leigh Bardugo as well! I’ve yet to read anything by Alice Hoffman, but I’ve been really wanting to — I’m not sure where to start, to be honest!

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      The one good thing about Alice Hoffman is that nearly all of hers are stand alones. I really loved Faithful and thought Practical Magic was good as well. My sister is a big Alice Hoffman fan as well and she keeps telling me I need to read The Dovekeepers and The Marriage of Opposites.

  6. Lauren Becker
    Lauren Becker says:

    Great choices. I have some of the same authors on here too – not that I bought the books right away, but they are all authors who I DO want to own all their books. I’m totally with you on Marissa Meyer – I still need to read Winter, but I own Heartless already and I’m excited about Renegades, and really just all her books. John Green – I have all of his books except the short story Let it Snow. I can’t wait for his next book.

    Becky Albertalli – I NEED to get her newest one, but I’m so buying it. I read Simon from the library first and now I have my own copy. Of course.

    Others on my list would be J.K. Rowling and Gillian Flynn.

  7. Greg Hill
    Greg Hill says:

    Leigh Bardugo and Marissa Meyer are two I’ve been keen to try, especially Bardugo with all the hype around Crooked Kingdom. Maybe john Green too, I saw the movie Paper Towns but haven’t read any of his books yet. Clearly I should!

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      Yes, I’ve been fangirling Leigh Bardugo pretty hard since reading Six of Crows. Once I read Crooked Kingdom, I’ll probably move on to Wonder Woman: Warbringer and then backtrack and read the Grisha trilogy.

  8. Di @ Book Reviews by Di
    Di @ Book Reviews by Di says:

    Oh man! So many great authors here. Some I haven’t read but I’m desperate to (Schwab at the top of my list!)

    Yay for including Bardugo and Meyer! I love them too and I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed Six of Crows. I also am on tenterhooks for Wonder Woman!

    I hope you’ll love The Grisha ad much as I did. 😍

  9. Paige
    Paige says:

    Becky Albertalli would be on my list too, alongside Adam Silvera, A.S. King, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, and Eimear McBride. The last three are only recent finds, but had such a huge impact on me I’m starving to read whatever they come out with next!

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      I’ve actually never read anything by those three authors, so I’m going to have to check them out at some point.

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