Hey everyone! My blogging slump unfortunately continues, but I did have to pop on to share two of my favorite reads from April.  Emily Henry and Abbi Waxman are both auto-buy authors for me, and their latest releases prove why



Author: Emily Henry

Publication Date: April 23, 2024

Publisher: Berkley

FTC Disclosure: I received a complimentary e-copy of this book from Berkley Romance via Netgalley and a gifted ALC from PRHAudio.  All opinions are my own.


Emily Henry has knocked it out of the park yet again with her latest novel, Funny Story. It’s the perfect blend of heartache, humor, and healing, and I devoured it in a couple of sittings.

When we meet Daphne, she has just been dumped by her fiance Peter, who has decided, at his bachelor party of all places, that he would rather be with his childhood best friend, Petra. Since the house they were living in is in Peter’s name, this leaves Daphne homeless until Petra’s ex, Miles, invites her to move in with him now that he finds himself dumped and living alone.

I fell so hard for both Daphne and Miles. On the surface, they seem to have nothing in common – Daphne is a children’s librarian who has basically let Peter dictate most of her life’s choices, while Miles comes across as a stoner who spends most of his time either high or tending bar. As the two of them start to bond, however, Daphne quickly realizes there’s more to Miles than meets the eye and he realizes the same about her. Even though they initially started hanging out as a way to mourn their breakups and then shift to fake dating to make their exes jealous, they eventually start to do things together simply because they enjoy each other’s company.

I loved the chemistry and the easy banter between Daphne and Miles. Their evolution from roommates to lovers is fun, flirty, and just an all around good time. The star of the show for me though is actually the more emotional journey that each character takes on their path to healing. I thought Henry just did such a beautiful job seamlessly weaving in those more emotional moments with all of the fun ones.

Julia Whelan narrates the audiobook and as always, her narration is flawless!

Funny Story is Emily Henry at her best, so be sure to pick up a copy. 5 STARS



Reviews – FUNNY STORY & CHRISTA COMES OUT OF HER SHELLChrista Comes Out of Her Shell Goodreads

Author: Abbi Waxman

Publication Date: April 16, 2024

Publisher: Berkley

FTC Disclosure: I received a complimentary e-copy of this book from Berkley Romance via Netgalley and a gifted ALC from PRHAudio.  All opinions are my own.


I’m a huge fan of Abbi Waxman’s writing because she has a gift for creating the most wonderful characters. They’re charming, quirky, and just so lovable that you can’t help but root for them to overcome whatever struggles they are facing. And she has done exactly that in her latest book, Christa Comes Out of Her Shell.

When we meet Christa, she is happily studying snails on a remote island in the Indian Ocean. That is, until she receives a phone call that rocks her world. Her father, a beloved TV star who was presumed killed in a plane crash 25 years ago, has suddenly turned up, alive and well. As much as Christa would love to stay on her little island, she knows she has to go home, both to meet her dad and to confront the demons of her own past.

I adored Christa right from the start and absolutely loved the journey of personal growth that she goes through in this story. Christa was so young when her dad went missing that she barely knew him but both his immense fame and the media circus surrounding his disappearance impacted her young life tremendously. There were people in her life who hurt and betrayed her, making her close herself off from people. I loved watching her gradually come into her own and confront those who had hurt her, which in turn allows her to more freely open her heart to those who would never hurt her. While it definitely takes a backseat to Christa’s personal journey, there is also a delightful second chance romance with a childhood friend in this story.

While some of what Christa and her family faces veers into some heavy topics, Waxman keeps things from getting too heavy by infusing the story with her signature humor and warmth. I especially enjoyed listening to the audiobook because the narrators, Jesse Vilinksy & Jonathan Todd Ross, do such a wonderful job capturing both the heartwarming and humorous aspects of the story. 4.5 STARS

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  1. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books says:

    I feel you on the blogging slump! I managed exactly one post this week… and that was a stretch.
    What a shocker Christa had! I love seeing characters come into their own and find their voice.

  2. Sam@WLABB
    Sam@WLABB says:

    Glad to see you liked these both. I cannot wait for the Henry release. I liked Christa as well. I found this to be the most romance focused book by Waxman though it still felt true to her storytelling.

  3. Lark
    Lark says:

    I didn’t know Abbi Waxman had a new one coming out. Fun! And I am SO eager to read Funny Story. I really enjoy Emily Henry’s stories. 😀

  4. Angela @ Literary Wanderer
    Angela @ Literary Wanderer says:

    I’ve fallen behind on Waxman’s books, but this sounds wonderful – now I want to know more about her dad showing up after 25 years of being presumed dead!

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