Spotlight on To the Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn Ivey

New WoW“Waiting On” Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, which encourages fellow bloggers to spotlight upcoming releases that we’re excited about.

My “Waiting On” Wednesday selection for this week:

To the Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn Ivey.

bright edge eowyn ivey

Publication Date: August 2, 2016

From Amazon:

An atmospheric, transporting tale of adventure, love, and survival from the bestselling author of The Snow Child, finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

In the winter of 1885, decorated war hero Colonel Allen Forrester leads a small band of men on an expedition that has been deemed impossible: to venture up the Wolverine River and pierce the vast, untamed Alaska Territory. Leaving behind Sophie, his newly pregnant wife, Colonel Forrester records his extraordinary experiences in hopes that his journal will reach her if he doesn’t return–once he passes beyond the edge of the known world, there’s no telling what awaits him.

The Wolverine River Valley is not only breathtaking and forbidding but also terrifying in ways that the colonel and his men never could have imagined. As they map the territory and gather information on the native tribes, whose understanding of the natural world is unlike anything they have ever encountered, Forrester and his men discover the blurred lines between human and wild animal, the living and the dead. And while the men knew they would face starvation and danger, they cannot escape the sense that some greater, mysterious force threatens their lives.

Meanwhile, on her own at Vancouver Barracks, Sophie chafes under the social restrictions and yearns to travel alongside her husband. She does not know that the winter will require as much of her as it does her husband, that both her courage and faith will be tested to the breaking point. Can her exploration of nature through the new art of photography help her to rediscover her sense of beauty and wonder?

The truths that Allen and Sophie discover over the course of that fateful year change both of their lives–and the lives of those who hear their stories long after they’re gone–forever.

* * * * *

I’m excited for To the Bright Edge of the World because Eowyn Ivey is a writer that creates pure magic. The Snow Child is probably one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read – well-developed characters that have a bit of mystery to them, a surreal setting, and a compelling storyline to boot. I’m hoping to be equally captivated by Ivey’s latest book when it comes out in August.

What books are you waiting on this Wednesday?

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    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      Hi Dani and thanks for visiting my blog! I really hope it will be as good of a read as The Snow Child because that was a book that I was glued to from the first page.

  1. Resh Susan
    Resh Susan says:

    Hi. This is a new book for me. I have The Snow Child by the same author on the shelf. I have read just a few pages in, so ca’t really comment. I have heard it is a fabulous book.

    Found you through A writer named Charley. 🙂 Lovely blog you’ve got.

    • Suzanne
      Suzanne says:

      Hi and thanks so much for stopping by my blog 🙂 I hope that you’ll enjoy The Snow Child as much as I did. It’s a lovely book.

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