Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Pet Peeves

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.  Top Ten Tuesday has been one of my favorite memes ever since I started blogging, so huge thanks to Jana for taking over the hosting duties!

This week’s TTT topic is Bookish Pet Peeves.  I almost skipped this topic because I just couldn’t imagine that I could come up with ten things that really annoyed me, but man, once I got rolling, I surprised myself as to how many bookish pet peeves I actually do have.  Some are related to books themselves, but more are related to my interactions with other people while I’m reading.  (Side note: Excuse the awful photos.  I took most of them myself and did it late at night with no time to properly stage or edit).

My Top 10 Bookish Pet Peeves


1. Series covers that don’t match.  I love to collect hard copies of my favorite series, but I absolutely hate it when I end up with mismatched covers.  The one pictured is my own fault honestly because I ordered the wrong cover for the first book and have yet to go back and replace it, but I will do it at some point because it bothers me every time I look at my shelves and see that mismatched book, lol.


2.  Stickers on books.  Seriously, why is this even a thing?  The only thing worse than the sticker itself is that even if you can manage to get it off without tearing the cover, you end up with ugly, sticky gunk everywhere.  To borrow a phrase from Marie Kondo, this does not spark joy.


3.  When all of my library holds become available at the same time and there’s no way humanly possible to get them all read before they’re due.  Again, my fault because I always have the maximum number of holds allowed, but still annoying…


4.  Movie or TV Tie-In Covers.  I don’t even know why these bother me so much but they always do, haha.  I guess I just typically prefer the original cover that was designed for a book.


5. People talking to me while I’m trying to read.  I can understand walking in the room and starting to say something before realizing that I’m reading, but if a person then continues to talk, assuming that what I’m doing is worthy of being disrupted?  Just NO.


6.  When I lend people books and they either don’t return them at all or take forever to return them, and/or they return them damaged.


7.  People who ask me why I love to read so much and then proceed to tell me all of the reasons why they hate reading.  Why do they think I care?


8.  Love Triangles in Books.  I’m sure there are plenty of authors out there who write them beautifully, but I still just usually get annoyed by them.  I’m looking at you, Red Queen.


9. Insta-Love in Books.  Even though I’ve developed a newfound appreciation for romance during the pandemic, I’m not quite a romantic enough to believe in Insta-Love so it typically annoys me when I come across it in books.


10. When my cat sits on my book or kindle while I’m trying to read.  No, not really, I actually think it’s hilarious, lol.  I just couldn’t think of a real pet peeve for number 10 so I figured I’d share a pet instead. 🙂


* * * * * *

Question:  Do we share any bookish pet peeves?